Configure your teams taking into account labor legislation


Legiscación Laboral

Labor restrictions in aTurnos are a control tool for not to breach the legislation, conventions, contracts or employees rights acquired in the staff planning. These restrictions can be included only to an employee or to an employee or a group.

Likewise the employees statute,as basic rule, collective sector conventions (national, autonomic or local) and/or company conventions establish obligatory rules such as:

  • Minimum 12 resting hours between working hours (article 34.3 of the employees’ statute)

However, there are some more particular rules of your company, for example:

  • An employee can't work more than X days in a row of an specific shift when for example it is not allowed more than 3 night shifts in a row.

In the day-to-day, the main function of the restriction is to send warning messages when the modification of an employee's planning will generate a breach on the established. For example: When you add an employee to an additional shift to cover a medical leave.

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