The keys for the client

Ã'€šÃ‚· Decentralize planning by centralizing knowledge.

Ã'€šÃ‚· Time and Attendance through Beacons.

Ã'€šÃ‚· Establishment of procedures for the sizing of personnel, taking into account the profiles of the workers (including knowledge of languages) attending to the planned occupations.

Ã'€šÃ‚· Transfer to payroll and other applications the data of aTurnos as Success Factors.

The road from Excel (our most direct competence) to the application has meant moving from managing more than 800 spreadsheets per month (about 200 hotels with at least 4 departments each) to having all the data in a single platform, under the criteria established by the Central Services regarding the creation of shifts, absences, registrations and withdrawals, etc.

The algorithmic calculator allows them to measure the needs of personnel according to the expected occupations and with the Operations Assistant (our WFM) to know the excesses and defects of the amount of rooms/floors, or breakfast/waiters, etc. according to the ratios established by the chain.

With the Costs assistant, they know according to the different prices/time the cost of each worker, differentiating even the place where the services are provided, as in the case of the extras for the Events.

The Beacons are an excellent knowledge, control and management tool. The worker carries a Beacon and the systems (PC equipment, mini-computers, etc.) read the worker's step automatically without any action on their part.

These reading units are distributed by the different points that you want to analyze, for example, the different departments of a hotel.

The transfer to payroll has meant a saving of time in checks, file modifications, etc. and the process has been simple, aTurnos data is associated with the payroll data and the input format of payroll variables is defined and when the data is exported, it blocks the schedule so that what is sent to the payroll can not be modified.

The highs and lows come to aTurnos from Success Factor.