The client´s objective

· Select the best worker for each task within the factory.

· Improving the quality of your products while maintaining costs.

The objective of Galletas Gull—n is to select the best worker for each task within the factory, this results in an improvement in the quality of its products while maintaining costs.

Gull—n had a database with the knowledge of all its workers, but it was expensive to maintain and, above all, Factory Heads wasted a lot of time assigning the tasks that generate the orders manually to workers who had the necessary experience or specialty.

Now this process is replaced by an algorithm in shifts that makes the initial assignment of production tasks taking into account these skills and the types of tasks that generate each of the orders. This initial assignment is validated and adjusted by the controls in a controlled way according to their criteria. In addition, the system is intelligent because it increases the rating of employees on these skills and they will be more susceptible to be assigned in the future when the assigned work has been carried out in the factory.

The algorithm assigns factory tasks generated by the production orders of the orders. Select the planned workers who best fit the skills required. Shift planning has been previously done according to agreement. In case of not finding enough workers, exchange workers with experience in those positions can be sought to initiate communication with the ETT.

The process is now transparent and the democratic allocation made by the algorithms improves management. The objective of process automation is a reality and the saving of time for Factory Managers has been achieved. Errors have been reduced and the 15-day planning horizon allows you to have a better view of the degree of coverage of production by personnel.