Integration for the best management in hotels


aTurnos is the perfect tool to perform all the tasks that are located between the PMS, the payroll tool and the daily operations of workers in any company in the hotel and restaurant sector.

Hotels and Restaurants

The hotel and catering sector generates a large number of personnel management problems due to the large number of workers with different schedules, different roles or functions and the constant high and low of workers, flexibility or demand analysis. In addition, all this taking into account the seasonality that may depend on a demand that is often difficult to manage and estimate.

Being a sector of reference in many countries, the management of the workforce is not up to the needs of SMEs and large hotel chains. Some of the detected needs are:

- Automatic management of registrations and withdrawals for hours or days, based on the definition based on a generation of the registration and cancellation files. The automation of these processes drastically reduces management time and allows workers to be registered before the start of work.

- Control of presence in each of the areas of the company; For example, to know the number of workers at breakfast, in the kitchen or for a special event automatically.

- The communication to the workers of the new assignment of shifts. The flow of calls must be reduced every time there are changes or new assignments.

- The automatic generation of payrolls and reports on the different equipment and personnel cost control.

- Help tools for a sizing of human resources needs according to the demand charts and service qualities.

- Dashboards on productivity and control of absenteeism of the team.

Application cases applied

- When a cleaning worker finishes cleaning the room, when leaving the room, aTurnos detects the exit and updates the PMS for the automatic check-in of the new clients. It can even be automated with the client's App to receive notification that the room is available. A case of management optimization.

- The system shows the information of the team planned by hours/15 min according to different criteria. For example, if you have a German conference at the hotel, the system at a glance shows you the status of your team regarding that ability to speak German in particular.